Our Mission & Vision

Realize and capitalize on the full potential of the youth to drive the future

Kidoz Times is the first newspaper in the Arab world that is made with the efforts and stories of the youth who are going to be the leaders of the future, and this is what makes it extra special and unique!
Kidoz Times is a newspaper that is run and managed by youth. They carry out activities ranging from writing content that suits their needs, to team management to covering events (interviewing, photography and social media)

Kidoz Times allows the youth from different parts of the world to share their experiences, success stories, and ideas to others of their own age, in order to inspire and encourage them to share their articles as well, which is really important for building their self-confidence and to know that their opinions and voices matter.
As for the topics in our newspaper, there are plenty that will interest the youth and will definitely draw the attention of any reader: From fun facts to environmental issues, and even politics for those who are interested in such topics.  

Why Kidoz

Youngsters make up the majority of the Arab population. They are the biggest force in our society. They have energy, motivation and lots of ideas. kids between the age of 6-18 are still free from life responsibilities. They need the ecosystem and launch pad that will capitalize on their talents and direct them to follow their own dreams.

  • Technology is unfortunately misused resulting in social isolation, stress and even depression.
  • Education systems are outdated, centralized, constrained and does not promote critical thinking.
  • Technology along with outdated education systems are restricting creativity and talent development.

One important practice is reading printed material.

  • The majority of kids today receive information from different digital sources stored on their mobiles and computers.
  • They spend hours and hours glued to their little gadgets missing out on many things and many important details in their environment and surrounding; losing the actual value and concept of living life experiences. Unfortunately, their little gadgets became their best friends and the only physical interaction they have is when they click on the keypad of their mobiles or laptops. 
  • reading printed materials increase: Mental stimulation, reduces stress, improves memory, heightens analytical thinking, creates stronger bonds, and helps expanding vocabulary among many others.


The teacher and the parents are the only ones who ever really see The A grade for the child, but in KIDOZ TIMES Newspaper is different. What a student does will be published for all to read, will be more interesting to the students. 

It’s so exciting for a young kid to hold his own newspaper in his/her hands and see how thrilled the kids are to see their articles in the paper. Then it’s even better to have the kids see their classmates reading and loving their paper, “It gives the students a huge sense of pride and accomplishment.”

It is very exciting! It makes them feel as grown ups, special, and is very memorable.

This is what it feels like for a child to see his/her picture in the newspaper, or to see a poem they wrote published, or see a picture they drew alongside a picture of themselves.

Our way of reaching the target audience

(Kidoz distribution channels)

We are targeting the following;

  • Schools
  • Parents
  • Educational Centers
  • Cultural Centers
  • Play areas
  • Kids stores and Centers

Giving something back to the community

Encouraging our kids to adopt CSR as part of their values

  • Kids Volunteering and contributing can help their own communities.
  • Develop respect and understanding for other people’s lifestyles.
  • Share a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction in having helped someone in need.

Such activities include but not limited to;

  • Kids volunteering in social, environmental, health, …etc activities
  • Donating to other children through sharing books, toys, games…etc
  • Reporting activities on different topics of interests. 

Other future considerations

  • Expand the target audience through covering a wider range of the distribution channels 
  • Increase the number of newspaper issues 
  • Launch Kidoz events 
  • Kidoz operational expansion to other countries