About Us

Kidoz Times is the first newspaper in the Arab world. It is uniquely created by and for young adults who are poised to be the leaders of the future. It is a publication run and managed by children and young adults, who carry out activities ranging from writing content that suits their needs to team management and events coverage such as interviews, photography, and social media.

Kidoz Times allows Arab youth from different parts of the world to share their success stories, trials, and ideas with others of the same age, to inspire and encourage them to share their experiences.

Kidoz covers a wide range of topics that are of interest to young people and attracts the attention of different readers: from fun facts to environmental issues, and even politics, economics, and cultural subject matters for those who are interested in these topics.

We believe that Kidoz Times is a platform that helps build youth’s self-confidence and understanding that their opinions and voices matter. Children and young adults derive an enormous sense of pride and accomplishment.

Our Mission

To capitalize on the ingenuity of Arab youth and realize their full potential to drive the future.

Our Vision

To build a generation of creative youth who can express themselves and their opinions through creative writing and evolve their moral and social values, which will ultimately give back to their community.

Our Values  

Giving something back to the community

Giving to our community include activities as follows but are not limited to:

  • Young people of various ages can help by volunteering and contributing to their communities.
  • Develop respect and understanding for other people’s lifestyles and beliefs.
  • Share a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction in helping others in need.
  • Volunteering in social, environmental, health, culture, and other areas
  • Donating to other children and sharing books, toys, games, food, etc.
  • Reporting on activities and different topics of interest.

Additional activities include: 

  • We offer training for children and young people of different ages on several topics.
  • We want to involve university students to provide work experience, teach younger learners, and help with other activities.
  • We encourage young adults to serve as ambassadors in foreign countries.

Miral Murad – KidozTimes Founder