About Us

Kidoz Times is the first media platform run by youth that spreads the concept of interactive media and employs its tools to allow young people to create interactive content and use their talents and skills to influence society.

Our platform has many products that are all produced by young people.

Kidoz is the first Arab platform that was able to integrate the digitization of the monthly paper content through its interactive publication to complete the vision associated with keeping the content interactive between the sender and the receiver.

A set of programs emerged from Kidoz that were employed to develop youth skills, such as: the Voice of Youth, the Kidoz Street Program, the Interview Program, the University Ambassadors Program, and the Writers Team. The main objective of these programs aim at giving the youth the safe space to express themselves and their issues without any interference. This is the essence of the success of programs since their inception .

The success and continuity of the programs comes from the work mechanism used to control the quality of the outputs and to monitor and evaluate the youth participating in the content industry by following the distribution of divisions to achieve coherence between all sections and to have the ability to monitor performance indicators,and know the requirements needed in order to achieve our vision and to make sure that we are consistent with our declared mission within our values that will lead us towards societal change.

Kidoz Times network of volunteers work to support the platform after they have benefitted from their training period in the programs. This ensures the success of the platform as the target group is able to publish the platform which achieves the success and continuity of the work.

Miral Murad – KidozTimes Founder