An Interview With A Jordanian Successful Entrepreneur: Khaled Sabbagh
Rida Khan
Aviation Author
December 27, 2021
An Interview With A Jordanian Successful Entrepreneur: Khaled Sabbagh

To become a successful entrepreneur needs lots of hard work; but “Nothing Is Impossible”. If you have strong willpower and determination you can easily achieve your dream. One of the best examples of this is Khaled Sabbagh (Instagram A/c: khaled_sabbagh), a successful Jordanian young entrepreneur, mechatronics engineer who has been working in the E-commerce business for the past seven years. He is the founder of an online business based in Jordan and China. Khaled is fluent in three languages: Arabic, Chinese, and English. His hobby is modeling, although he is not a professional model, whenever he gets a chance he never declines. He has worked for big brands, especially in China, like Jaguar, Mercedes, ABC Bank, etc. To know more about his journey as an entrepreneur, here is an interview with him:


Q.) Why did you choose to be an entrepreneur?

Khaled: Frankly, I prefer to work towards my goals, and achieve them rather than working for someone else ‘s goals.


Q.) How did you manage your life living in two different countries and cultures, i.e. Jordan and China?

Khaled: It’s not difficult, actually it’s very interesting to live in two different countries and cultures. I have learned a lot from the Chinese culture in the way of living and working. I try to mix it with my Jordanian and Islamic culture and share my experience when I get the chance.


Q.) How have you made your dream come true living in Jordan?

Khaled: My country Jordan is very beautiful, and you will find many opportunities to become successful in any field you choose. I believe that being productive, committed and the patient is the key to success regardless of the country. We live in the revolution of the knowledge century, where knowledge is available to everyone.


Q.) Does today’s youth need to start their career from a younger age. What is your opinion about it?

Khaled:  My advice for the young generation is don’t waste time, and whatever you are doing, do to the best of your capabilities. Never stop improving yourself at all levels.


Q.) How do you help the young generation in the start-up businesses in Jordan?

Khaled: Currently we are helping the young generation in the start-up businesses in Jordan by giving consultation and training in digital marketing and E-commerce, and our goal is to help 500 new students to start their own businesses.


Q.) What is your advice for the youth who want to become an entrepreneur?

Khaled: Start early and don’t be afraid to make mistakes, because these mistakes are the road to your success. The most important thing is to believe in yourself and not to prove anyone wrong but to prove yourself right, do something you love, don’t imitate people, be yourself and give the best version of yourself, learn more and learn every day so you can get more knowledge and experience.


Thank you Khaled Sabbagh for giving me your interview, I wish you all the best in your career. I hope after reading this interview you all will definitely get an idea of “How to become a successful entrepreneur in life.”

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