As gothic as can be!
Yursa Al Badawi
15 years old
December 29, 2021
As gothic as can be!

The term ‘Gothic’ or ‘Goth’ as we know it, started in the 1980s in the U.K.

The word gained its sensation from the gothic music that was quite popular at the time (such as The Cure, Siouxsie, the Banshees, and Bauhaus). Then the admirers of this new genre created a whole new concept; by being heavily inspired by past or ancient poetry, literature, several mythologies, and agriculture! (Considering the agriculture of Germany that is a great influence on the term as well) it definitely made its way to history.

But today folks we aren’t going to get all deep about the full-on history of Goth or Gothic, although it is definitely interesting!

Not today though, no. Today I shall introduce you to the most gothic thing someone would ever do. That someone is a woman from Quebec, Canada in the 17th century.

This woman rented a hearse in order to ridicule death. She laid inside of it while smoking a pipe, gazing at the common public going on with their day in 1871. Unfortunately and quite sadly, not much is known about this woman, since the newspaper that mentioned this ages ago only had an illustration of this “gothic behavior” and a small article that follows;

‘A Quebec Woman Creates a Sensation, Riding Through St. John Street in a Hearse, Reclining on the Coffin-Bed, and Smoking a Pipe.

What will women do next to distinguish themselves, we wonder! A female in Quebec, the other day, perpetrated a ghastly joke, mocking death in His own domain, by lying down in a hearse and smoking a pipe in a funeral chariot was driven through the street.

If this exhibition had been made in the United States, our neighbors in the North would have made it the subject of very strong animadversions.’

Now if that isn’t as gothic as it gets, I don’t what else should be added! Perhaps some bats with a song by the cure playing in the background. That is if it was done in the present day of course.

This woman is without a doubt extremely awesome and if I were her (A woman in the 17th century who’s rich enough to rent a hearse for sheer pleasure) I’d do the absolute same. I mean who in their right mind wouldn’t rent a hearse and lay in it to make fun of death?

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