Back To School: Back In Time
Jana Al-Saheb
12 years old
December 28, 2021
Back To School: Back In Time

Have you ever wondered why school starts in September all around the World?  There is an exciting story behind that. So let’s dig in!

Back in time, people had all sorts of work to do like farming, ranching, etc, and that was exhausting; so they needed their children to do chores. But then they realized that they also needed education besides working.

But most of the seasons of the year had harvesting in them and kids couldn’t quite leave their work and go to school instead. So villagers decided to allow their kids to study in the fall because there wasn’t much to do at that time of the year, and adults could handle it themselves. They made this as an essential law to ensure that everyone was doing the right thing. People who refused to follow this law were punished. Mayors from different regions of the world heard of this idea, and because they had the same problem, they enforced this important law for their people too.

Education is important, and ignoring it is a very wrong and miscalculated move. Schools are essential in producing fine, mature adults for the future. Sadly, nowadays, mistreating children still exists. There should be strict laws all over the world to prevent that from happening. Luckier kids who live in fine situations do not really realize what’s going on in the world. I suggest working in a suitable condition for a couple of hours throughout the summer vacation as an attempt to reconnect with the real world. Every kid has the right to enjoy their childhood without being abused.

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