Black Beauty
Joud Al-Baddawi
December 27, 2021
Black Beauty
  • Black Horse, Black Beauty, or Black Seduction (Black Beauty), a novel published in 1877 by Anna Swell. She had written it in the last years of her life, while staying at home because of disability. The novel immediately became a bestseller, and Suelle died five months after its publication. Fifty million copies have been sold. Black Beauty is one of the bestsellers of all time. Anna Swell wrote this story at a time when horses were the most useful animals, people used them in farms, barns, as taxies and for moving -just like cars nowadays-and they even hired them for jobs!!
  • The novel touched the hearts of millions as many people began to sympathize with the animal who was suffering silently without being felt by anyone, and by 2003, the novel was listed in the number 58 most readable poll of the BBC.
  • It all starts when black beauty was still a nameless pony, and then his Master started to train him for rides and other jobs, then he sold him to another man. Black Beauty moves from an owner to another, some of them were cruel; but some were kind and nice, and took care of him and fed him. Black Beauty never thought of hurting anybody even if he wasn’t treated well. Black Beauty always did his best and always tried to help.
  • Black Beauty meets Ginger and Marry legs, two other horses from his first owner. Ginger had a different start than Black Beauty, all owners of Ginger treated her meanly and badly, so all men were her enemies.

At some point Black Beauty’s life stops getting any better and starts to go downhill, until suddenly he…………. READ THE BOOK TO KNOW

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