Jana Saheb
December 29, 2021

Who had not been bullied or picked on in their life ?  Mostly everyone in our region is introduced to this problem that can take many forms . Psychologically or physically, it is a conflict we cannot easily ignore .

Bullying doesn’t take shape only in school, but could be also at home, (by one of your relatives, or an older sibling) across the internet, (also known as cyberbullying) or by friends themselves!

Relatives could say you are useless, a cyberbully may say you are ugly, and a friend might add by saying your talent is nothing special. But the way you react makes them powerful inside and encourages them to keep acting this way. Letting them earn your satisfaction is a point for them. Like my mum always says: This way, you feed them their favorite candy.

One could feel hurt, weak, insecure, and ashamed of what others think, and he might believe it’s true! We could describe this feeling by saying it’s a mixture of pain blended together and it is not nice .

Silence is not a solution at all.

Considering telling a parent or a teacher is a lot better. But a greater option is to strengthen yourself and defend it, working on your abilities to put a stop to what  is happening, and most importantly , believing in yourself. The answer comes out of you.

I know bullying can be a tough, serious issue, however, you can beat it just by standing up to yourself, and not giving the chance for other people to take over you .

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