Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Zayyad Al-Omari
10 years old
December 27, 2021
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory…Worth To Watch “Read a book watch a movie maybe we can change the world!”

Hello! It is me Zayyad from BOOK@MOVIE! Today we will be talking about the one and only Charlie and The Chocolate Factory! This time I think we should start with the movie. It is about a boy named Charlie who loves the chocolate bars called Wonka Bars; but he can’t afford them. Fortunately for Charlie, Willy Wonka creator of the Wonka Bars puts five Golden Tickets in chocolate bars, and if you find them you get a free pass into the chocolate factory and a lifetime supply of chocolate! The first four people to find them were Augustos Gloop, Veruca,Violet and Mike Teave. One day Charlie was walking sadly not knowing he was going to find a Golden Ticket until he found ten bucks on the floor! Charlie was extremely happyl! He rushed to the candy shop and got a Wonka Bar then went straight out! He opened the bar and found the Golden Ticket! He told his whole family and his grandfather volunteered to go with him. On the first of February he went when they were exploring the candy land in the factory, and Augostus Gloop went into the river and he went up the pipe to the fudge room! Later on, Violet ate a piece of gum and she turned purple, then became a huge bubble! Veruca went into the nut room and the squirrels thought she was a bad nut and threw her in the incinerator! Mike went into the millions of TV particles when he came out he turned into a tiny particle! Charlie was the only one left and the biggest shock of his life happened! Willy Wonka gave him the factory! Charlie took his family into the factory and lived happily ever after. I think there is nothing to talk about the book because the movie is the same exact thing! I think this is the end. Well it was nice sharing my article, oh well bye!

Wait! Remember always read the book and watch the movie!

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