Football player
Obaida Jarrah
15 years old
January 15, 2022
Football player

Since I was in grade one my family noticed that I am always playing football, and taking my ball with me everywhere I go. So my father decided to encourage me and he Implanted in my heart the love of football more and more, by taking me with him to any football game, and he let me join as an adult!. 

In grade three my mom and dad took another step and signed me into my school’s football program. After three years of playing football in my school, my father decided to sign me up in Barcelona Football Academy in KSA- Riyadh. I was so happy and excited to join and felt proud. The best part was my family and friends’ support; I have played in the academy for two years and faced some situations. In the beginning, I have joined a team that has players older than me by five years, it was difficult to play with them and show them my abilities. After that, I decided to join a team that has players my same age in order to adapt to the atmosphere of the Academy. After playing with this team for one year I have proved to everyone that now I am ready to join the team with players older than I! And really, I did. In 2017 the Academy nominated me to play in three different tournaments in three different countries: Spain, Egypt, and Dubai. I can’t describe my feelings at that time, I was so proud and so happy. I played as a central defender and we won two tournaments out of three! These three tournaments have pushed me up further, and let me believe in myself more and more. In 2018 my family decided to live in Jordan so I had to leave everything I’ve achieved in Saudi Arabia and start from the very beginning. It was so hard to adapt to the new situation but I was forced to live and accept it. My father tried really hard to search for an academy here in Jordan at the same level as the one in Saudi Arabia, but we were disappointed that there was NOTHIING compared to there. Finally, we found Jordan’s Youth Academy for football, it’s not at the same level as the Barcelona Academy but at least it helped me to practice my talent, and the academy was very welcoming and embraced me with love. I was lucky to be chosen from the first day to an advanced level with a team that the Academy coaches have categorized as THE BEST TEAM. I am a trainee until now and my dream is to be a player in the Jordan National Team as soon as possible, and hope that one day I can play with Real Madrid. 

I believe that NOTHING is impossible and as I always say: “One day my dreams will come true“. 

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