Learn to Feel Good
Raghad Ghammaz
16 years old
December 29, 2021
Learn to Feel Good

One day on a spring afternoon, a man and his son were walking in a valley. Suddenly the boy tripped over a small bush and felt a sharp pain in his knee. He screamed: “Ahhhh”. 
He was surprised to hear a voice repeating what he screamed, “Ahhhh”. Filled with curiosity, he shouted, “Who are you?” The only answer he received was: “Who are you?” 
The boy got angry, and so he screamed a third time: “You are a coward!” The voice answered: “You are a coward!”
He looked at his father and said: “Dad, what’s going on?”
“Listen, my dear son,” said the father, “I admire you,” the father shouted. 
The voice answered: “I admire you.”
The father shouted again: “You are wonderful!” and the voice answered, “You are wonderful!” 
The boy was surprised. He still couldn’t understand what was going on. Then his dad explained: “People call this ‘echo’, but truly it is ‘life’! Life always gives you back what you give out! ”
Life is a mirror of your actions; if you want more love, give more love. If you want more kindness, treat people with kindness. If you want to understand, try to understand others’ mentalities. If you want people to be respectful and patient with you, you ought to give more and more respect and patience. This rule applies to every aspect of our life, and it never fails. 
Life always gives you back what you give out. Your life isn’t a coincidence of situations, but a mirror of your own doings! The key to joy and the priceless peace of mind is by putting everything we say or do into consideration: Would you be okay with someone underestimating your abilities? Would you accept being called harsh names for no good reason? Don’t we all crave love and success, so why do we put non-existent walls on others?
I hope after this, you’ll be able to keep in mind that every single word glance and move matters in someone else’s mind, so be aware of what you do and say and always be a better person. 

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