Lebanese Baccalaureate Struggles: Time to Speak Up
Toufeeq Abdelrazeq
17 years old
December 29, 2021
Lebanese Baccalaureate Struggles: Time to Speak Up

I think the first perception of school to all of us is: “Oh no, here we go again!”, but after a while, it isn’t that bad. Mainly after getting used to the new people we meet, the new teachers, and to a different environment than the previous year.

In the past two years though, the Ministry of Education decided to implement changes that made students feel that they have 0% faith in succeeding. My baccalaureate is the Lebanese program and the changes made only lead to increasing hardships that I, as well as my fellow Lebanese baccalaureate candidates, have to face, hence justifying our lack of faith. 

I believe that success, in that case, should not be defined by how many traps we are able to avoid during such an important exam but rather by how our logic is set out during the evaluation. 

When we are forced to deal with such difficulties during a pressuring time; such as the previously mentioned one, our stress level could shoot through the roof. I believe that this level of stress results in anger, and even rage. This type of emotion sets a certain attitude that will block our train of thought during the tests which go back to the same end result: the majority’s failure. 

I am mentioning all of this not to complain, rather explain that our system needs to be improved. I firmly believe that the more we talk about something, the more others will, and once we unite we may set out a plan to change the current situation. If we are able to do so then once we reach the legal age, we may also finally be able to ameliorate the political situation in our country. 

I hope this sets an example of how we should unite and fight for our beliefs because the more we stay silent, the more we suffer and the more vulnerable we become too worse situations.

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