Mystery at the Mill: by Elspeth Rawstron
Joud Al-Baddawi
December 27, 2021
Mystery at the Mill: by Elspeth Rawstron

A mid-level short novel, the plot has two main characters and co-stars, two time zones, two rights to fight for, and two curious girls!

It talks about Caterina, who fights for working children’s rights like better education, better homes, …etc. and her Grand-Grand Grandmother, who lived years ago and used to work at a local Mill. The two stories look so familiar and so phenomenal but so different at the same time.

Caterina tries to shut down Boho Chic, a trendy cheap clothes shop owned by Mister Sanjite, her so-called secret crush uncle because she believes that the shop’s resources of cotton are picked, planted, and collected by kids in India and Uzbekistan. Mister Sanjite doesn’t know that; so he asks the providers in a meeting and they lie about it and he leaves the meeting happy, but Caterina listened to what they said after he left and got the truth. They tried to stop her from telling anybody by trapping her in a boat, but she is rescued by her crush Jake.

Her Grand-Grand Grandmother’s story isn’t different except that…

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