The Next Generation’s Challenges
Tala Abubaker
16 years-old
January 17, 2022
The Next Generation’s Challenges

My name is Tala Abubaker, I began writing three years back to spread education and information by tuning in to everybody’s perspective on a specific topic. I observe individuals’ conclusions to expand my imagination so we become all the more understanding of others perspectives, on the grounds that every last one of us does not know everything, however, they certainly know something, and trading thoughts, realities, and sentiments have been the most ideal path for me to compose.

A lot of people believe that the next generation will deal with pollution, extinction, and endangerment of animals. And a few others believe that the next generation does not exist, since we are abusing our environment. While a small group of people thought that the next generation will be full of depression and that they will require medicinal services practically constantly. From an individuals’ perspective, it will be genderless, tragic, difficult to make due in, and history will be revamped such that they would not recognize what we resemble. I believe that we should spread awareness about the next generation’s lifestyle rather than killing their hope in existing.

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