To My Beloved Brother, Encompassed By The Ice.
Yasmeen Jaber
16 years old
December 30, 2021
To My Beloved Brother, Encompassed By The Ice.

London, September 17-

Today your words have reached my heart and touched it ever so gently, leaving a scar of yearning to see your face. Oh, what sorrow fills my heart writing this letter to you one month after the light of day has brought you an adventitious encounter, knowing that not only land separates us, but time as well. This is no doubt that your enthusiastic words have softened my aching heart, and bent it to match the unconditional happiness I feel for your triumph in pulling and holding on to the strings of your dreams. 

“So strange that an accident has happened to us, that I cannot forbear recording it”, was the first sentence that has drowned my heart in a foreboding feeling; but pulled it back up with the sense of eagerness I felt for the tale that was about to unfold. Oh dear brother, you have sparked the life of adventure and fearlessness back into me after this encounter of yours. You have said to me once before “I have no friend, Margret: when I am glowing with the enthusiasm of success, there will be none to participate in my joy,” but here you are now glowing with honor for saving a man’s life, a man that matches your exhilaration and wonder. I have learned of the hopelessness he carries but helps him, brother. Do not leave him in the condition you have first seen him in. I trust that this is the person you were meant to find, the person that will tap into your inner greatness and project it onto the world. 

 I pray that the angels have to lead you through this experience safely, that they pull you up from the depth of the seas and breathe life back into you with a wipe of their hand on your forehead. Let the wind blow you away before you get trapped in an unfortunate situation. Let the snow talk to you in your sleep and keep your hopes up. 


your dear sister

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